Charles Phoenix Explains When You Should Hire a Real Estate Attorney

Are you considering buying or selling a home and wondering if you need a real estate attorney? In some circumstances, it might make a lot of sense. Charles Phoenix is a Florida Bar Board Certified lawyer who specializes in real estate law. He has handled a wide variety of real estate transaction, including major commercial real estate sales. By the way, any commercial real estate transaction should be handled by experienced real estate lawyers like Charles Phoenix to ensure everyone is protected and no one involved is being taken advantage of. Here are several other scenarios where it might make sense to hire a real estate lawyer.

Divorce: If you are selling your home and are currently undergoing a divorce, it’s imperative that both parties hire attorneys with knowledge of real estate law. Real estate lawyers can help negotiate an agreement that addresses any complexities and ensures both parties’ interests are protected.

For Sale by Owner: Another instance when Charles Phoenix may recommend that you hire an attorney is if you are buying a home that is being listed by the owner. A real estate attorney can help you capture the terms of the deal in writing so everyone is satisfied. The attorney can ensure the correct terms are included in the agreement to meet your state’s laws regarding real estate transactions.

If You Have Questions Your Real Estate Agent Can’t Answer: Although many real estate transactions go smoothly, things can occur along the way that may require you to consult with a real estate attorney. If you have a legal question, your real estate attorney most likely won’t have a law degree. This is when it would be prudent to speak to an attorney to make sure you are compliant with the law.

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