Charles Phoenix Explains How to Get a Martindale-Hubbell Rating


Charles Phoenix is a lawyer who is well-respected in the industry. Evidence of this includes his Martindale-Hubbell AV-peer review rating, which is the highest rating available to an attorney. The Martindale-Hubbell rating is based on peer reviews and recommendations, and it’s considered the gold standard in lawyer ratings.


If you are looking for ways to improve your standing in the legal community or attract new clients, the Martindale-Hubbell rating is a good place to start. Charles Phoenix, a lawyer and Managing Partner of Rhodes Tucker, offers the following information on applying for you own Martindale-Hubbell Rating:


Get the Questionnaire: In order to apply for a Martindale-Hubbell rating, you should actively reach out to Martindale. This can be done by contacting its customer support team at 800-526-4902 or emailing You will need to provide Martindale with your name, your firm’s name, and your email address, and you will also have to indicate whether or not you’re a subscriber.


Compile Your Peer Reference List: After you have filled out their questionnaire, get your peer reference list together. Martindale recommends that you get 25 peers, but the minimum is 18. In order to qualify as a peer reference for the list, the person must be listed on In addition to that, he or she must have an active email address listed in Martindale’s database. The people you choose should be attorneys or judges who are familiar with your legal work and can speak on your abilities and ethics. Please know that judges from Georgia, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Connecticut are not allowed to be included as peer references.

Contact Your Peer References and Wait: After you submit your peer reference list, you should take some time to contact every you listed as a peer reference and let them know that they should expect an email in a few days from Martindale. This way they know to look for it and can prepare their responses. Usually, Martindale gives people a few weeks to respond. After you have submitted your peer reference list it will take some time for the process to go into motion. If there are any issues, Martindale will contact you directly.

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